White Rabbit Audio

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White Rabbit Audio builds custom-made sound systems that transform your high resolution audio files into soul-stirring, floor-shaking music. State of the art technology and ingenious design are fused with impeccable craftsmanship to bring sonic bliss into your life.

A White Rabbit sound system is a seamlessly integrated chain of premium components engineered for optimal function. All you need to do is connect your digital source, and binary data is transformed into glorious sound. What you don't need to do is shop around for processors, amps and cables in the hope of finding the magic combination. White Rabbit redefines “plug-and-play” for the most demanding listener.

At White Rabbit Audio, we are obsessed with open-baffle dipole speakers! Once we heard the transparency, openness and natural presentation of open-baffle speakers it was simply impossible to go back to the monkey coffins. Of course, sound reproduction is a study in trade-offs, and this dipole magic comes a price: these speakers simply need more room to breathe. We recommend placing the mains at least 1 meter away from the back and side walls, and the dipole subwoofers even farther away, if possible. (Sealed subwoofers should be placed next to a wall) White Rabbit sound systems are truly at home in a spacious room with an open floor-plan.

At White Rabbit Audio, we know that you can't have great sound if your speakers are hidden in the shadowy corners, but even the best-sounding speakers are no fun to live with if they loom over your lounge chair like evil robot invaders (assuming your significant other will even let you bring them into the house!) White Rabbit offers superlative sound in a sleek design that your interior designer might even allow into the living room! It's no accident that the subwoofer and amplifier cabinets are perfect as coffee or end tables. This is a sound system for sharing – you won't have to choose between no-compromise sound and quality time with family and friends.

Tech Specs

System 1 (pictured)

System 2 (new! pics out soon)

System architecture

3-way stereo:

floor standing mains with planar dipole mid/tweet and 8” sealed woofer.

pre-amp enclosure.

4-way stereo:

floor standing mains with planar dipole mid/tweet and 10” dipole woofer

dual servo subwoofers (12” sealed or 2x12” dipole cabinets)

amplifier/control cabinet.

DSP capability

max 24/96kHz input.

asynchronous USB conversion.

8 channel IIR filtering.

max 24/192kHz input.

Asynchronous USB conversion.

8 channel IIR/FIR filtering.

Source inputs

USB audio.

(SPDIF or analog stereo, RCA or XLR, connectors by request)

USB audio.

(SPDIF or analog stereo, RCA or XLR, connectors by request)


mid/high: 4x100w @ 4ohm

bass: 2x300w @ 4ohm

Anaview ALC series class D power amps housed in woofer cabinet.

mains: 6x300w @ 4ohm

servo sub: 2x370w @ 4ohm

Anaview AMS series class D amps

Rythmik servo amps housed in control cabinet.

Frequency response




D-subminiature 15-pin shielded signal cables.

multi-conductor 12g speaker wire with custom direct-wire binding posts.

XLR cables for sealed subs.


mains: 44”h x 14”w x 16”d

preamp: 2”h x 12”l x 12”w

mains: 42”h x 14”w x 12”d

subwoofers and control cabinets: 16”w x 16”d x 25”l

(cabinets can be placed flat or upright)

Below are listed some of the design features that make White Rabbit sound systems unique:

what it is what it does what you hear

Open baffle/dipole architecture.

With no enclosure, sound is free to radiate from both sides of the speaker baffle.

Dipole radiation pattern controls room reflections.

Elimination of box colorations and image blur arising from parasitic resonances.

Stereo imaging that is enveloping and spacious, yet precise.

Open, transparent and engaging soundfield.

“dipole magic”


mid-range and tweeter drive units.

Ultra-responsive polymer membrane driven by neodymium magnet array for low distortion and accurate transients.

Silky-smooth vocals and instrumentation in the critical mid-range.

More shimmer, less sizzle in the upper end.

Stunning micro-detail.

Servo-controlled subwoofers.

Electronic sensing gives the amplifier total control over the drive units.

Solid, low distortion bass down to 20Hz.

White Rabbit Audio custom bass management.

Selection of dipole or monopole subwoofers for optimal room mode interaction.

Multiple subwoofer units for smoothest frequency response.

Fully defined and articulate bass spectrum.

No boomy bass, no missing notes, no overhang.

Elastomeric vibration isolation. Speaker baffle isolated from woofer.

Mid-range and tweeter panel isolation isolated from baffle.

Speaker baffle will not store and radiate parasitic resonances. Mid-range and treble not contaminated by woofer vibration.

Enhanced sonic resolution.

More of that stunning micro-detail.

Active amplification. Each speaker driver has a dedicated power amplifier channel.

High damping factor: amplifier has optimal control over it's drive unit.

An effortless presentation of clean, powerful sound.

Digital signal processing (DSP) for crossover filtering, room correction.

Crossovers and room correction performed in the digital domain. Precise control over crossover filter response. Ability to perform phase correction for “transient perfect” waveform. Customized sound profiles can be applied at the push of a button.

A loudspeaker perfectly in tune with your listening space and personal preferences.

White Rabbit Audio knows that great sound does not exist in an anechoic chamber, it is a product of the interaction between the loudspeakers and your listening space. Purchase of a system includes a consultation/installation session where a White Rabbit technician will perform a computerized analysis of your listening room. Placement suggestions for the main speakers and subwoofers will be provided, and adjustments can be made in the system software to tailor the sonic output to your room and personal preference. Installation will be complete only when you are familiar with the systems' operation and 100% satisfied with the quality of the sound (note: for particularly demanding clients, the technician may, at his discretion, request additional compensation in the form of take-out sushi and a passable sauvignon blanc)

White Rabbit Audio systems are currently produced on a made-to-order basis. You may choose baffles and cabinets crafted from your choice of beautiful hardwood such as the Claro walnut and maple burl pictured here. Also available is stunning shell inlay details. Paua abalone shell is pictured. For a different look, the speakers can be produced in a premium automotive finish of any color scheme you can imagine. Contact White Rabbit Audio to discuss what finishes you desire. Occasionally there will be spec units available for sale, please ask us what is available now.